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    Does anyone know how to create custom made button rollovers in DVD Architect? I want to change a normal text image [made in photoshop] into a glowing text image [also made in photoshop]:
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    While I'm not familiar with DVD architect specifically, I do know this - whenever I've made a DVD using Adobe Encore, the "alternate" image for a selectable menu item (such as illustrated in your pics) works on your standard DVD player as well as using a mouse on a PC. So, when I create a dvd menu with my "normal" text with a "glowing" text for when it is selected, the "glowing" text is activated when I've selected that menu item on my DVD player, and it is also activated when my mouse hovers over it when that DVD is played on my PC.

    Basically, if DVD architect supports the creation of alternate images for when the menu item is selected (and all DVD authoring programs, it seems, do this to some extent at least), then this will function as a "mouse over" as you described when using your PC.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default cheers

    Cheers for the help. I'll have a look at the 'alternate images' options in encore. As for DVD architect, I have no clue as to where this function may be.

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    Right. First off, you should really get out of the habit of saying "alternative image when selected" because that is not right. What the DVD standard gives you is the ability to apply highlights tothe current image when the DVD button is selected. Tgere is a world of difference because you are very limited as to what you can do to your image when it is highlighted.

    Have you noticed that even on hollywood DVDs that when a menu option is selected all you really get is a single colour highlight somewhere. Oh, you can change the shape as much as you like but if you think about being limited to a single colour highlight you won't go far wrong.

    But if you want to change one image for a completely different image then think agian. If you know Photoshop then I do recommend Encore as your DVD authoring package because Encore menus are just (?) Photoshop files with a careful structure. Oh, Photoshop Elements won't work btw becaue you need layer groups.

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