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Thread: In need of some advice, please help me oot!

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    Default In need of some advice, please help me oot!

    hi everyone!

    i am looking to buy a camera to make videos for youtube, and have a few requirements if you guys could offer me some advice or ideas i would really appreciate it

    looking for the following

    Mini dv or sd i have got a clue as to whats best?
    Will be editing with windows movie maker,
    I will be filming indoors so must do well with indoor light,
    not to worried about battery life as can hook it to the mains,
    want the picture to be as good as possible,
    seeing as i will be talking will need the sound to be good too,
    Hoping to not spend over 150 pounds, (dont laugh, its all the money i have!)

    anyone got any advice? the choice of cameras is totally beguilling and most reviews are confusing, any help on the jargon as well would be greatly appreciated

    yuch, such a noob, sorry

    kind regards

    Michelle x
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    If you only intend to put movies on the web and your budget is 150, then maybe an SD camcorder would do the job, although it might be tough going finding one at that price that can do all the things you want. Video editing can also become very addictive after a short while and you may want to produce DVD's, this will not be possible with those cheaper cams and I would suggest getting a Mini DV model, I won't say a particular model but anything from JVC or Canon would do fine. Have a look on Jessops website or Argos.

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    thanks so much for all the help there mate,

    *scampers off to the argos website*

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    Yep. Standradc def is more than a match for Youtube.

    Also, as you;re edittign, get a MiniDV camcorder and not one that records toa hadr drive or those small DVDs.

    make sure your PC has a firewire port also.

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    thanks for the advice,

    just discovered last night that i dont have a firewire port and im very of the opinion if theres nothing "wrong" with my pc, i dont try and alter it by putting extra bits in. So i now have to look for cameras that have usb connectibility instead, but at least i didnt buy a camera, do loads of work on it only to discover that i couldnt connect the thing, that would be a bummer.

    Do you think that the quality of a usb transfer is much less than that of a firewire?

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