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Thread: Pan/Crop/Track Motion Disaster

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    Default Pan/Crop/Track Motion Disaster

    Hi there,

    I need some help here, though I'm not quite sure how to explain the problem. But basically, I was testing out the Pan/Crop and Track Motion function for the first time (I wanted to crop out some unneccesary things from the original clip).

    All was fine as shown on the preview, even though, it was rather grainy (that was to be expected as I increase the size of the original shot), but nontheless, it wasn't too bad. Now, my disaster comes in after I rendered the video (as both avi and mpg), and the the final video quality for that particular scene was rather horrendous to behold.

    Personally, I suppose part of the reason that caused the terrible image quality was because I stretch the original scene. I tried pan/crop/track motion with another scene and I didn't stretch it the second time, while the quality was grainy as usual but it doesn't have those boxy things (or pixelated?) that appears on the first scenario (refer to the girl's shoulder in the pics below)

    I don't mind having a smaller video, (320 x 240) works fine for me as long as it can retain the quality that I see on the preview. But I don't know what to do to improvise this video. Can anyone please help me out? Thank you in advance, and I've inserted some snapshots of the video I'm talking about below, and the difference can be seen from there.

    1. This first image was the print screen shot and what I actually saw when I was creating the video. (Grainy, but the quality works for me)

    2. This second image was a snap shot directly from the preview. (It looks the same as the image above, so it's fine as well)

    3. This third image is a snapshot of taken from the final video, while it is larger, the quality looks rather horrible.

    4. And the last image is a snapshot taken directly by Vegas, but in full view of the video (which explains why the terrible final video)

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    where is the footage comming from - ie whats the source and format?

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