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Thread: Did Jibjab rip off my video?

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    Default Did Jibjab rip off my video?

    I had created a comedy short back in 1984 called "Scrambled Eggs". It was seen on national TV back in the 80's and has been online since 1998. There is now a series of shorts of Jibjab called "Eggs".

    What do you guys think? Was my original idea plagiarized? Go here to see a comparison:

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    it does look close. alough there are a lot of differences im not sure

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    I would say that your idea, and much of your script was certainly plagiarised.

    To what effect though! It would take an awful lot of money to do anything about it wouldn't it? I am sure if the writer of the second eggs film had any common sense he would simply credit the original.

    Good luck
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