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Thread: You want cheap and different?

  1. Default You want cheap and different?

    Then the Mattel Vidster is for you!

    After months of careful analyzation of this camera, I can safely say that it is definitely unique!

    The Vidster has a price range of about $25-$40 (US). I was able to purchase my Vidster at a local Circuit City.

    The vidster is incredibly easy to use. The aspiring film amateur can easily get a hold of the camera and begin shooting right out of the box. It uses 4 AA batteries and because of that, it is INCREDIBLY good on battery life! The camera has a 320x240 resolution that clocks in roughly around 24-30 fps. I know its a tiny resolution but because of it, it holds interesting features that I will mention later. The camera also has an external mic jack, yes that's right! An external mic jack, that means you can plug in any external audio source for good audio capture. It also has a 1 megapixel still camera which is not all that great for boasting 1 megapixel. The camera runs off an SD card (which IT COMES WITH (32mb)) and is exapandable to a few gigs.

    Now why is the Vidster so different from other cameras? Well first off, it's dirt cheap. In fact it's the cheapest camera on the market right now. However the most important factor on what makes this camera so different is its video reproduction quality. When shooting your video, you will not know it at first but as soon as you play back you will notice that your video will have some sort of vintage quality to it. Due to its compression and CMOS censor, the camera's end product looks like a feature shot entirely on 8mm or super8 cameras. It's a very unusual quality that is pretty hard to describe, so I made a video on youtube about it. Check it out:

    Its got a slightly blurry, grungy kind of look which can be great in artistic situations.

    I think it's a great camera for its price and because of its qualities, it is slowly becoming an underground cult camera so hop on; it's cheap and interesting! Great for all sorts of purposes!

    Once you get the camera, feel free to join the growing youtube vidster community:
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Let your creativity flourish!
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