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Thread: YouTube Motion Picture Collabaration - "Nibiru"

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    Wink YouTube Motion Picture Collabaration - "Nibiru"

    Well, me and a group of YouTubers have decided to make a 30-60 minute film based on planet x or Nibiru. Sounds cheezy i know but it is not going to be a documentary, its going to be an action/thriller/comedy. Watch the teaser trailer that i made for it on my YouTube account here. Its called "Nibiru -Official Teaser trailer." it does not contain any footage from the movie itself but the movies filming hasnt started yet. We are still writing the script. . Also watch the other short films on my account 'Trigger Happy', and 'Fooling around with Green Screen 3', some of the older ones are complete garbage. But this film is going to be great. visit the account that is going to represent the youtube collabaration here. for more info. Also feel free to give me some more ideas and things.
    This will be the official thread of the progress for this forum i guess.
    I use Adobe After Effects CS2(7.0) and Sony Vegas 7.0e for editing.
    Also subscribe to me and leave comments if you have YouTube.
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