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    Hey guys, I'm apologizing in advance because I know a lot of you guys are really experience with editing and Premiere in general and I, unfortunately, am not. I just got Premiere Pro CS3 and I've had fun messing around with it but I have a couple questions already. I added a picture to the movie clip I was editing and I want the audio track that goes along with the first clip to be silent during the duration of the picture being showed. I can see how to mute the sound but how do I choose a certain section of the clip to have the sound muted, and then go on again at a certain time? Also, (I know this stuff is pretty elementary), how do I choose a certain section of the timeline to do some sort of effect like having the video clip in slow motion. I already know how to change the clip to slow motion or reverse, but how do you choose a certain section of the timeline to have those type of effects for? Hopefully I'm making sense and thanks for any help you can give!

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    Not sure i fully understand but i'll have ago at explaining. For an effect to take place on a specific part of the timeline

    1. On the timeline where you want the effect to start click 'ctrl and K' at the same time
    2. Now go to the part of the clip where you want the effect to end
    3. Click 'ctrl and K' at the same time
    4. The clip in the timeline should now be highlighted
    5. Go to the 1st frame in this highlighted clip and place any effect here, can be any image or audio effect.
    6. Now play the timeline to check that the effect is in place

    Hope this helps
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    simply use a keyframes.
    Ctrl + a left mouse button clicking on yellow line of the video and audio. two keys in the beginning of the picture two at the end and then drag the yellow line that is in between keyframes down
    good luck

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