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    Default Rendering for Dvd

    What is the best thing to render your video as when you've finished editing it? Avi,Mpg,Mpg2
    Cause I'm planning on converting them to vob files for dvd. And I want the quality to stay quite the same but not
    so big of a filesize. Or am I better off printing it back on to dv tape? Cause I'm using a vx-2100.

    Or another way would be to render the video under and have two seperate files the audio and video and then to import
    them into adobe encore cause it wants them serperate.
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    VOB files are basically MPEG2 streams, so if you intend to create a DVD, then create DVD compliant MPEG2 video files - and yes, create elementarty streams (seperate video and audio).

    Unfortunately you can't do a thing about the file size issue. You could convert to a more compressed format of the MPEG4 variety, but you'll necesarily lose that "sharpness" in conversion back to MPEG2. Some people would say, "hey, it's almost DVD quality". But I would say, "hey, it's NOT DVD quality".

    Archiving back to DV is an option, but it means you'd have to capture back to your PC, then convert...

    I'd say just create MPEG2 files and get some big HDDs (or simply burn to DVD, then author a proper DVD at a later stage).

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    oh...ok thanks
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    I need help again I rendered the video and audio seperate and then imported them into adobe encore and they didn't sync like they were supposed too.
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    Try exporting your audio as WAV and importing that to Encore. If that doesn't work, output as a DV AVI and import that to Encore. Let Encore transcode to MPEG2 and audio.

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