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Thread: mircophone problem (newbie

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    Default mircophone problem (newbie

    Mico phone problem

    i am a newbie and i am not sure where the problem is

    i tell you what i have so then its easier to find the problem
    i got a gs230 panasonic camcorder from uk shop
    i got a ntg2 mircophone from ebay (the man is in hong kong)
    i got a cable from the rode maufactor in uk( didn't keep receipt as it was cheap

    every time i use the mic while i am recording , the camcorder has a hissing sound
    when i don't use the mic the camcorder is very clear.

    i talked to the guy in hong kong and he said it might have something to do with the cable.
    I think its the mic but i am not sure

    does any one know where the problem is

    thank you

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    This sounds really obvious but have you tried the mic on another camcorder?

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    your right i havnt. i have to find some one with a camcorder

    do you think it has any thing to do with the cable that connects the camcorder and mic together.

    i am going to test it out in the shops and see what happens.

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