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    Thanks for reading! Just a quick question, I would like to make a movie for fun with my nephew and would like to know if all Digital Camcorders are able to be edited using Editing Software on my computer.

    Specifically debating between the following two mini Digital Camcorders

    Flip Video F260W

    Sony 5 MP NSCGC1 (Digital Video Format: MPEG-4)

    I know these are not top of the line camcorders, but they'll do what I need.

    Thank you

    ps. what's the best digital editing program I can get oline? Thanks again!

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    I would find out just what editing software came with each camera you were thinking of buying. My Canon came with a lite Ver. of Ulead DVD Movie Factory and it work fairly well for my use.

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    I haven't used either of those camcorders but if you are using a Windows based PC, then it will have some version of Windows Movie Maker and it's free. If that doesn't allow you to capture or edit from either camcorder, then go onto each of their websites and see if they have any free editing software you can download.

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