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Thread: the attention span trick(AVG 2.00 for average teen)

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    Exclamation the attention span trick(AVG 2.00 for average teen)

    ok,if you've already heard of this,don't start going sick at me-im new and inocent
    right anways,if your uploading to youtube or google video or whatever, and your videos are long,its obvius its not going to watched all the way through because attention span,normaly the attention span for an average teen is 1.30mins to 2.30mins, so say your video is 3.30mins long,it may not be watched all the way through
    so to avoid the length, you need to download a little piece of software called audacity,audacity is a music editing software but this is no matter.
    drag your movie file onto audacity and highlight it all, then go to affects at the top and click 'change speed...', change the speed to something like 2 or 3 (well about that, if that doesnt work try faster,or slower,you will notice your video will have gotten smaller-and there you have it a faster video clip to keep up with everybody!

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    Yeah! And I can watch the whole of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in half an hour if I crank up the fast forward speed enough. But why would I????????


    If people attention wanders after the first 1min 30 secs of your video then you have to accept that the video is rubbish.

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    you can put video into audacity?
    I've just learnt something new!

    Even so, if you've made the movie, then you can most likely play with with the speed in the video editing program that you made it with. Even MovieMaker does this.
    However, if other effects from Audacity work with video, this could get interesting...

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