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Thread: Converting VOB to AVI results in compression artifacts - Divx???

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    Question Converting VOB to AVI results in compression artifacts - Divx???

    Hi, I am wanting to create a montage of a DVD reel I have. So far I have been able to rip the DVD to my PC (without any compression). But now, I want to bring in the footage into Premiere CS3 or Vegas. So, I guess I need to convert it to .AVI. (?). I'm using Xilisoft's DVD Ripper Platinum and I am not impressed by the results. The AVI is blocky due to compression artifacts. I dont understand...I thought AVI was an uncompressed file format. Anyway, Xilisoft uses DivX codec to create the .AVI so is this the problem?

    Can anyone recommend a solution or an alternative method or program?


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    hi, i'm searching for awnsers before posting my question.
    maybe i can help with tour question while i'm here..
    i've been trying to ripp from dvd to edit in premire and came across the cheapest solution to be a program called isofter dvd platimum
    there is a free trial which will rip 10 mins of footage i think
    then i bought the full version for about 20 pounds... do a goolge search cos i found a site that had a sale on - had to buy from usa but it's not like there's any postage costs!

    amongst other settings, there is the option to convert to 'avi for editor'
    which i presume is less compressed or something.

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    You paid for veagas and premier - are you rich?

    As for conversion - no need - vegas edits vobs natively.

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    Vegas can use many more file formats than Premiere Pro which still poo poo's some formats. I downloaded a freeware utility called MPEG StreamClip1.2 from Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows and it will allow you to import vob files, do basic trimming and then export as an avi. You have to download another freeware utility called Quicktimealt 1.8.1, install it first as it has extra codecs needed to make MPEG StreamClip1.2 work properly. You then use the Apple DV Avi to export your vob from MPEG StreamClip1.2.

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