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    I just dropped by on this forum looking for an answer to my question : with which software can I make a short (3 minutes) movie from photographs of my house ? I would like to sell my house and I see a lot of real estate agents offering small video clips that they make only out of photographs. They charge a lot for such a service and I would like to make learn it myself. Anyone knows how to do this and could advise me on this ??

    Thanx for the advise !!

    Martinezzz from Holland
    An example is here :

    World Clip Experience

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    If you are using a Windows based PC, then you can use Windows Movie Maker. It comes already installed, it's free and will do all you want it to do. You can bring in photos, video, music, add a commentary, titles, add transitions and effects etc. It will allow you to edit and make videos to post on the web but if you want to make a DVD then you will need some other software, as WMM falls down in that department.

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    Thanx ! i also tried Picasa today, a very easy to use program to make a small clip out of pics, however you cannot add music or a voiceover etc.. will try your suggestion.

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    You may just want to do it yourself, but there's a company that does this really well for people that are trying to sell their homes, Sample Tours, and they only charge $39 and they host it for year. Plus you get a really good photo gallery, which is what most people looking at real estate care about. As a real estate agent, I can tell you that these video tours from photos are great... because photos do a much better job showing off a home than video, but you get the best of both worlds because you can turn the photos into video. Home buyers want photo, but they love to share the video. I found them recently when I found this site with homes that burnt down in the San Diego fires.

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    Nothng like blowing your own trumpet there Jim!

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