Ive capture 16x9 video from a DC camera and edited it with Premiere Pro CS3 Trial to 13 clips. Ive exported them as
PAL (1.067), PAL Widescreen (1.067) , NTSC (0.9) and NTSC Widescreen 1.2.

The frame size is 720x480 in all of them; I cant change it.

When I try to import any of the clips to Encore 1.5 I get to error message "Could not import X.avi. Video files for this project must have a resolution of 720x576 or 704x576." Whats the problem here? Or moreover, how do I solve it?

Another question. PAL should be the standard for me since I live in Finland. Ive noticed that the NTSC clips Ive exported show much more of what I filmed (the picture is wider) what in the clips Ive exported as PAL. Whats the story here? Ive bought the camera in Finland, filmed in Finland, created and 16x9 project and exported in PAL - why is some of the material cut off?