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    when outputting to DVD from Encore I get 'unknown DVD' and 'chapter 1' 'chapter 2' titles in the right hand panel of Media Player.

    I have tried changing the name of these properties in the properties panel of Encore before re-building the output but I still get the same output.

    Is there something I have to do in Premier Pro before I even use the output from Premier Pro as inout for Encore?

    Many thanks

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    I don;t see anything wrong here. If WMP works for DVDs like it does for CDs then it will only recognise your DVD if someone has types in details for it and uploaded them to the communial library.

    The idea is if you play a DVD, say Tranformers then it can look up details and show them. You just built your DVD and have the only copy in existence so it's hardly likely yto be in the online database already is it?

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