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Thread: Vegas vs. Pinnacle

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    Talking Vegas vs. Pinnacle

    I am a college kid on a limited budget. I've been able to download trials of Sony Vegas Platinum, which is the one I'm considering, and have enjoyed success with it. It's a little pricey though and the audio/video refuses to preview on my computer, brand new laptop too, so I make a movie every time I want to see what I've done. Frustrating as hell, but I still like the program. I've also looked at Pinnacle Plus & Ultimate v. 11, but without a way to test it, I am wary of purchasing it and then finding out that it's screwy and not worth the money. I don't edit real time video, I edit animations and I make Anime Music Videos. So I need a program with good effects and transitions, pan zoom, etc. I like Vegas Platinum but at the same time would rather not spend $120 dollars if I can get a comprable or better program for the same or a lower price. Recommendations as far as these two programs go? Anything I should avoid?
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