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    I知 a struggling singer and recently I have completed my first album. I wish to publish my album and I知 looking for CD duplication provider with reasonable price and good quality. Does anyone have any idea or advice?

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    Hey I知 also a musician like you and was in a similar situation when I had wanted to publish my first album. One of my friends showed me the site called CD duplication UK DVD Replication CD pressing UK which provides CD duplication software. They have about ten years of experience in the field and assure the quality. So just check it and I am sure you will get a great duplicating software.

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    I'm in a comedy double act, and we used a company called Digiwiz in the north-east to make our CDs & DVDs, they were really nice and did us a special deal even though we didn't get that many done. I can't remember the exact price, but I'm sure you can find out if you google for them.

    Actually here's the link - good luck! - Digiwiz - Digital Transfer Services and Video and Audio Editing, VHS to DVD, from 」9.99
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