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    Default wedding clip

    Just finished this wedding for the couple and have used this to end.

    Any comments appreciated.

    Kind regards.

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    Nice Amy winehouse looker and great location. Just too many dancing shots for me, but that's just my personal taste. Nice walkaway, I've been using these for the last 8 years and they always go down well.

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    Thanks for your comments zero. Yes I know what you mean about those dance segments. I did this for a reason which unless the whole video is viewed will not make sense!

    Otherwise I would normally use more variation!

    I have used the walkaway scene on my last few weddings and really like it. I am glad you agree

    I am removing this clip now as I am condensing and refining the video ready to enter the next awards coming up soon to which I am sure you are aware!!!

    Thankyou for your feedback.

    John De Rienzo

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    Makes sense to remove them sometimes, as before you know it every wedding videomaker in the country is copying your moves.
    Awards - which awards?

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