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Thread: Great Website with Background Music!!

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    Smile Great Website with Background Music!!

    Hi Guys,

    For my video productions I often fase with the probleme: where do I get the right sound? Roaylty Free Music is not cheap, but I have discovered a new stock music website, where you can buy Royalty Free Music in any category, for just 1 $ per minute.

    It's great, check it by yourself: eStockMusic - royalty free stock music, samples and sound fx


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    Royalty free music on not cheap? i have grab a thousand times royalty free music which is the most inexpensive way to own a license on a music material.

    Work with royalty free music | where a license costs about 30 $.
    Is you want a license for use it as background music for your websites there is a section where you can grab an embed code and paste it on your website source. This way is totally free and you can have legal music on your website without paying any royalties. You can find this section here Free royalty free background music for websites.

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    I just bought 22 data DVDs full of Royalty free music for just $110 from HERE

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