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Thread: won camera in contest. what to do with it??

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    Default won camera in contest. what to do with it??

    i won this:
    JVC - 2.1MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder
    Model: GZHD7US

    JVC - 2.1MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder - GZHD7US

    which is good because i've needed my own camera for so long has bad image stabilization...wondering if u guys think i should keep it...or sell it and get a better ...prosumer camera. what would u recommend for around 1500. I currently rent the sony fx1 for my shoots but dont have the money for it right now. any suggestions? thx.

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    It all depends on what your planning on doing? Personaly I would trade up to a dvx.

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    thx for the quick reply. i shoot mostly NTSC DV, but i love havin the widescreen and HD capabilities. Just normal, college student productions. I like the look i get from the sony fx1, just a bit too pricy. the dvx ur talking about is dvx100a? looks like it runs about 2000 - am i right? looks nice. any other suggestions?

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    Actualy the dvx100b the "A" is a good camara as well just a bit older, I like the 24p mode in the dvx. If you use a tripod the stabilization should not be a problem and smaller camaras can come in handy at times. I also like the XL2 or the lesser XL1s. there's a lot of factors to conceder, are you going to shoot in doors or out, low light, type of indoor lighting...ect.

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    well since im still in college not makin much money at the moment.... i'm looking for a (i know it doesnt exist) all purpose cam. i shoot indoors and outdoor in all kinds of light....i cant afford having multiple cams so i just need one to do the best i can with what i got.

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    On the subject of money, does your college have a website? Do they put up details of events that are upcoming or have been covered by photo's in the past? I would approach (don't know what it's called in America) but over here it's called a student union and ask them if they wanted any events covered and just bring up the subject of a small fee, even just to cover your transport there and back. Does your college have a tv station? If it does, then I would certainly approach them and see if they would hire you say at weekends to cover college events, sporting events, freshers week, graduations etc? Or is there a small tv station in your local town or city that hires freelance cameramen? Again, if there is, by all means approach them, the worst thing they can do is say no. And don't be afraid to bring up the subject of money. If it looks like it's being offered then take it. And who knows maybe you might strike it lucky.

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