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Thread: Audio advice filming a small group of people

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    Default Audio advice filming a small group of people

    Hi All

    Sorry, I'm fairly new to filming so please bare with me. We need to film a panel of about 5 people winthin a room that is about 35x35foot. From time-to-time the audience will be asking questions to the members for the panel.

    We have a medium range Canon camera but it only has one microphone input and the built in stereo mic. Unfortunatly there cannot be anyone with a boom mic. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can record the audio so that it pics up sound from the panel as well as the audio clearly?

    Thanks in advance.


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    If you want good sound, then you'll have to make a bit of effort.

    In order to work well, microphones need to be near to the person speaking. This means, in an ideal situation, each member of the panel has a tie-clip microphone, or table mic and there is a sound recordist with a mixer who adjusts the individual levels.

    The other way is to have someone with a microphone at the end of a boom making sure that it is pointed at the person speaking.

    Unless you get the microphone close to the speaker, the sound will be boomy and distant.

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    Thanks for your reply and advice. Do you know whether the audio mixer plugs into the camera or does it record seperately?

    Do you know how much these could cost to hire? Also do you think one table mic will pick up the sound for about 5 people on the panel? Is there some kind of mic that can be kept on on the audience and recorded on a different channel?

    Sorry for being clueless!


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