Im new here, and i have questions. I currently do 2d art and video editting but nothing as mainstream as the things you guys produce (because i dont have a video camera) i have a digital camera that takes movie video (quicktime) but its not great quality compared to your works. ANYWAY im trying to make an intro video for my company. I was wondering if anybody knows where to get tutorials on how to create text effects OR intro type effects. What i was thinking is a play on light effects and things.

I have and or have access to adobe premiere (6.0 i think) adobe photoshop 7.0 and magix video deluxe 2.0 plus, effect 3d studio, anim8or, Ulead dvd movie factory. I only know photoshop (advanced knowledge), video deluxe, and premiere (basic controls). I wish i could explain what im trying to say. But it would help me out if you guys could point me in the direction of some logo/title effects for video. thanks