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    hi, i am not getting on with the software supplied with the sony camcorder, i want to carry on using pinnacle 10.6 with which i am familiar with, I use this program with my panasonic nv-gs230 , My question is....where can i obtain a cable to connect between the av output socket and a firewire port on my capture card. the one supplied with the sony has the usb connector at one end, i find it impossible to get Pinnacle to recognise the sony..there is a way of doing it, play the captured video through Media player, save it to a folder then edit via pinnacle. its very time consuming doing it this way....

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    As far as I know, you cannot connect AV to Firewire as the signals are completely different, it has to be Firewire to Firewire; a small 4 pin socket on the camcorder and a larger flatter 6 pin socket on your computer. Does the Sony not have a Firewire socket? Is it a Mini DV model? If it is, then it will have a Firewire socket, which will give much higher picture and sound quality over AV.

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    hi thanks for your reply, it is a mini dv, it has a av socket on the base staion as well as the camera, it is shaped somewhat like a door with a round top, sony`s own design i suspect, it allow you to connect to a pc via a usb2 plug then to sony`s motion picture viewer, its a crap program, takes forever to do anything, i would have thought that a cable with a firewire plug at one end would be available, not yet perhaps. If youre interested sony`s web site has a download of the cameras connectors..many thanks

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    You don't need the software,i presume you mean the "motion clip browser" program to get footage onto your pc for editing,,,,presuming you've got the usb lead that came with the cam,just plug it into your pc usb port,the pc will see the cam as just another drive,you can then just open that drive,select what footage/thumbnails you want to import and then just select "copy to folder",ie "my documents">"my videos",it takes seconds to import loads of footage.This is the way i do it with my cam,DCR-SR90,also a hard drive,same as yours.I also use Pinnacle Studio. 11 plus.

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