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Thread: Looking for advanced Video Editor for production

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    Default Looking for advanced Video Editor for production

    I wasn't entirely sure if this was indeed the right place to post such a question in, but I'm giving it a shot anyhow.

    Basically I am in production of my first adobe premiere pro animated music video, and I am looking for someone who is finely trained and skilled in using a more advanced level of video editing.

    For the run down I am looking to add a computer engineered animation of a basic outline of a woman's body who is somewhat, singing along to the song I am basing this video on. Now, I am stumped when it comes to what I would have to do to find someone who would be able to do this, so I came here.

    Hopefully I can get some feedback and please don't hesitate to ask me anything at all about the project if you are interested.

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    No problem posting the request here. You might want ot whet people's appetites though by letting people know your budget and a more detailed explanation of what needs doing.

    Do you need someone to 'generate' you animation using a 3D app or something or do you have some footage and just need an outline generated from that and compositted in?

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