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Thread: My video is HUGE!!! so far please help

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    Default My video is HUGE!!! so far please help

    Hi am working on making an intro for a wedding. It is only 5 minutes so far and 1.66GB!!!(.AVI Format) Why??? I need to do a 1.5 to 2 hours video. Am Planing in using a Double Layer DVD, but still I wont be able fit 2 hours. What do you guys do. Am using Premiere Pro and After Effects. (am a beginner on ither one) Do you compress it or something?

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    Hi Lalo - don't worry this is normal! 5 mins of avi typically takes up approx 1 gig of memory. Continue to edit your wedding film as normal. You can then export it as a large avi file or use Premier Pro's media encoder to make it into a DVD ready mped2 file (this will be a much smaller file but will lose some quality - but this is unavoidable). If you choose to export it as an avi then whatever software you are using to make your DVD will do the encoding and create the mpeg2 file for you.

    Good luck!


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    Default ooooh!

    ok I feel much better now! I was so intimidated by this big numbers

    Thank you Robin

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