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Thread: Copying DV to DVD on Panasonic

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    Default Copying DV to DVD on Panasonic

    Recently purshased Panasonic DMR 100 DVD recorder, all inputs OK except DV. Using 4 pin IEEE 1394 cable from camera there is no signal. Camera is Canon XM1 and using Canon cable 4 pin/6pin into PC for editing no trouble. Any ideas please. Dave
    Dave Stone

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    This is what the manual has to say

    Automatic generation of programs and play lists is possible for using
    the “DV AUTO REC” function when connecting DV equipment (e.g.,
    Digital Video Camcorders) to the DV input terminal on the front of
    the unit with the DV cable. Recordings from DV camcorders can be
    recorded to DVD-RAM and DVD-R media, however the “DV AUTO
    REC” function cannot be used with DVD-R.
    1. Turn off the main unit and DV equipment, then connect the
    equipment with the unit’s DV input terminals. (➜page 52)
    2. Turn on the main unit and DV equipment.
    3. Pause play of the DV equipment at the point you want recording
    to start.
    1 While stopped
    Press [REC MODE] to select the
    recording mode (XP, SP, LP or EP).
    2 Press [FUNCTIONS].
    The FUNCTIONS window appears (➜page 42).
    3 Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select “DV
    AUTO REC” and then [ENTER].
    DV AUTO REC screen appears.
    (The DV equipment pauses automatically if it
    was playing.)
    4 Press [2, 1] to select
    “Rec” and then [ENTER].
    Recording starts.
    When recording finishes
    The confirmation screen appears. Press [ENTER] to finish DV auto
    To stop recording
    Press [∫].
    ≥Select the type of audio recording from the Audio menu’s “Select
    Audio CH for DV input” settings (➜page 45).
    ≥When “Cannot detect DV connection” is displayed or there is a
    recording problem confirm the connections, DV equipment settings
    and reset the power.
    If that does not work follow the instructions for “Recording from a
    video cassette recorder” (➜left).
    ≥It is not possible to carry out Chasing play or Simultaneous rec
    and play of the program that are being recorded.
    ≥The DV equipment name may not be shown correctly.
    ≥You cannot start recording until the images from the DV equipment
    appear on the television.
    ≥Do not operate the DV equipment during recording, as this will
    cause recording to stop.
    ≥Recording may not be performed as desired if the time codes on
    the tape in the DV equipment are not successive.
    ≥During copying, a marker is automatically assigned to points in the
    original recording where recording was stopped or paused.
    ≥The date and time information on the tape of the DV equipment
    will not be recorded.
    ≥Depending on the equipment, the DV Automatic Recording may
    not operate properly.

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