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    Default Final cut pro export settings

    I am editing a 5 minute art gallery... my file is too large... 1.7 gig..can you give me advice on export settings for final cut pro???1) good quality but small size..2) for web uploading

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    You need to use Compressor.

    From within FCP:

    File -> Export -> Using Compressor...

    This will open Compressor and automatically import your file into the wokspace (probably on a tab called "untitled 2")

    In the settings window beneath the workspace you will see two tabs; Settings, and Destination. Click the Settings tab.

    If it's not already expanded, expand the 'Apple' folder, and then the 'Formats' folder. Find the MPEG4 folder and drag it up and over your imported file in the workspace.

    You may want to reduce the resolution of your output and if so click "Inspector" in the workspace menu bar and in there you will find a row of menu buttons. You will want the Geometry one (about 5 in from the left) and within it you will see an attribute section called "Dimensions" just use the drop down from there to select what you want.

    When you're done close the Inspector, select the destination (from the Destination tab in the Settings window) and click "Submit", you'll get a confirmation box where you'll need to click submit a second time.

    Try that.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    For web uploading the default quicktime ipod settings are quite good,

    but use compressor for the full size quality version

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