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Thread: Premier video download probs

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    Default Premier video download probs

    Hi people, i'm new to all this, only recently decided i wanted to start making vcd's so i apologise if i'm a little slow on the up take but i've just followed the instructions and downloaded TMPGENC which i managed fine, then i downloaded the adobe premier package but i cannot open anything, apparently i'm supposed to open the ztour file but i can't even find it! can anyone help me??? :cry:

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    you have to import, not open a video file
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    Hi, its the download i can't open not my video files. i can't open anything in the premier video package i downloaded!

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    me again, if it is just a case of importing, how do i do this?

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    What guide are you following? The "ztour" file is just a demonstration video...

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    Hi thanks for your reply i'm following one of your guides on your old site! i think i just need to convert avi files to mpeg and burn to cd's. when burning onto cd's does it tell you when you need to insert a new cd? can you tell me how to go about converting my files ready for burning?

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    Premiere is a bit of overkill just for converting. Jump straight to TMPGenc and use a VCD template to create the MPEG file, then use something like NERO to create the VCD file structure and burn.

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    PS, can u post a link to the guide you're taling about

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    i have nero, but when i go into tmpgenc and try to open a file it's telling me that it cannot be opened, any idea's why? i'm not really sure how to use tmpgenc

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    Do you have the appropriate codecs installed (i.e does it play in media player?)

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