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Thread: Setup for web promo videos

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    Default Setup for web promo videos

    I would appreciate your considered opinion on the following.

    I want to produce promotional videos for products I sell online. I need to do this as cost effectively as possible as my budget is tight.

    I need a camera that will enable me to produce video for the web, since the image quality will not be crucial, I need a camera that will allow easy trasfer to a computer based video editing system.

    I need an easy to use video editing system that will allow me to output in various web friendly formats.

    I also would appreciate advice on what hardware requirements/upgrades I should consider in order to process/edit this video.

    Ok so thats basicaly what I need, what advice would you offer. Thanks

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    What is your budget and what equipment do you already have? If you have a computer, what is its current spec?

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