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Thread: Still testing. Please help!

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    Default Still testing. Please help!

    Dang! It's been a long hard road to get this far, and now I need your help.

    This is a MAJOR improvement over any host I've found, especially YouTube.

    Please view

    Please indicate if you see any buffering of any type, whethere it's video or audio. It SHOULD NOT halt completely at any point, nor show only video, or halt the video and continue the music stream at any time. Please view and tell me if you see any of these symptoms.

    If this works, I'll tell you how to get this kind of quality and where to find this video host.

    PLEASE NOTE. Do not have any other instances of Windows Media Player open when viewing this. This will cause crazy symptoms.

    Dang! I've got more work into this than you'd believe!

    Edit: This is a second test. The first link did cause buffering. I've lowered the total bandwidth and sacrificed some sharpness. I'm gonna increase the sharpness one more time, but this bandwidth is working fine (erm.. so far).

    Please let me know if you see buffering. Thanks!
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    much better quality indeed. No problems with buffering and the vid was just as fun as the first time i watched it, but now it was sekzier.

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    Thanks! More feedback from others is needed, but I think I got it, and it was hard won information! I've re-rendered it sharper at the same bandwidth, and it works without stuttering, so I think I've got a handle on how all of this works. Soon as others report, I'll get my vids up on a blog site or make adjustments. But I need more feedback so that I know this is gonna work okay for everyone.

    Thanks again! Muych better quality than YouToob, eh?

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    Worked fine, So what was that "Roller Coaster Tycoon"???

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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