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Thread: To improve jerk in edits?

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    I use a single camera to shoot. Here is my question which is very elementary to editing.

    Lets say I have two shots A and B. When I edit them there is a distinct jerk when the clip changes from A to B. When played back anybody can tell that two different clips have been added together through a edit.

    I am aware of all transition techniques like cross dissolve,blend, fades, etc. But what if I am not to use them. I am also aware of continuity issues, but I am talking of two as different clips as day and night shot , with different subjects.

    How can achieve the smooth change from A to B without making it a visible edit. Like in a movie or sitcom it seems like the shots have been filmed continuosly. One reason could be multicam.

    But can't I achieve the same using a single cam. Please let me know your suggestions.

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    Unless you can control the action in front of the camera and can get everyone to freeze when you shout CUT, then yes the action will move on between the time you stop recording, move the camcorder or reframe the shot and start recording again. To avoid the 'jerk', or jump cut you need cutaways, cut-ins and reaction shots, to paper over the start, stop, start, stop method of shooting.

    Working with a single camcorder is more demanding than with a multicam shoot. In situations like this, I look at television news reports which are shot on location with a single camcorder and reporter. They use the techniques described above and they also use a lot of Insert Edit aswell, take a closer interest in how these 'packages' are put together, and time the length of scenes, you'll see most only last a few seconds.

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    I am not sure about the first part of the answer. Are you saying that I should have enough handles? If that's the question , then yes i do maintain sufficient amount of handles between clips.

    But is it purely based on continuity and shots that the clips when merged seems like one shot?

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    My question was with regard to before exporting the film.

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    Ignoring continuity issues like wrong leg forward while walking when the cut is made, the mosty likely issue causing the 'jerk' from multi takes is changes in lighting.

    lighting cannot be taken too lightly. You need to learn how to colour balance your clips when cut together.

    Also, it may just be your choice of camera angles between takes and the 'flow' is just wrong.

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    My client once had a problem with a jerk in their edits.

    They asked me to leave, and the problem was solved.


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    Camera movement and shot types. Make sure scene A and scene B are shot in different type.. example: dont go from a close up to another close up, or from a scenery to another scenery shot, you gotta mix it up or else the audience will focus on the differences from one shot to another rather than whats going on on each of them.

    If you want a conversation to look like multicam, well, you will need to take a lot of shots of each person and tell them to act exactly the same, so that you have a slim shot at making it seem smooth without using effects or tricks.

    My 2 noobish cents.

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