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Thread: DLT - Digital Linear Tape - How to convert?

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    Arrow DLT - Digital Linear Tape - How to convert?


    I have started a business and found a potential customer that told me he has the Hi-Def content on a DLT (Digital Line Tape).

    Does anyone know what kind of format is stored on a DLT and how I could copy it on a hard drive please?

    Could that information be converted to m2t, AVCHD, mpeg or any format in order to be edited?

    Please help me out.

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    My guess and I could be wrong, but I think the media is Called "S4" and it takes a lot of HDD space, I know you will need a DLT deck as well. I really don't know a lot about DLT, maybe some one else on here knows?

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    I am no nerdy geek tech head but DLT is a backup system innit?

    As such the tapes could contain any / many sorts of video / data.

    I think dlt drives are a standard if expensive back up system - i think the drives are current.

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    Yes, it seems that it is a backup system. I have google-it the DLT and read some stuff but nothing on how it is used on video or related to video production.

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