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Thread: Imported Photographs Are Cropped

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    when importing photographs into CS3 I'm finding that they are all getting cropped.

    Apart from re-sizing them before I import is there anything that I can do with these imported photographs in CS3 to fix this cropping issue, or to prevent it in the first place?

    ps - I dont have photoshop...

    Many thanks....

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    Could you explain 're-sizing',does this mean dragging them out to a different size or are you typing in actual values for the width and height? Images have to be the same size as the video settings and the pixel aspect ratio has to be changed from square pixels to rectangular.

    Or is it the other way around???

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    If you go into "edit/preferences" the general page should come open and on this page is a tick box called something "Default Scale to Frame size"

    This will scale everything you import to fit the frame size of the project when you add it to the timeline.

    oversized images or video are not cropped, they just overflow from the frame, so you can use the motion filter to resize or create camera style zooms and pans.
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