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    Red face New to Vegas

    Hi, just a quick question

    I recently moved to vegas from adobe premiere.

    Everything is going great, except when i try to make changes to a specific clip, all the other clips taken from the same footage change as well.

    Im not sure what im doing wrong.

    thanks in advance

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    Sounds to me like you mean applying effects.
    In Vegas, you can apply effects at four levels - to the "clip" (or "event" in Vegas terminology), the track, the media or the production. Or all four if need be.

    My guess is you are applyng an effect to the "media" - you do this by right clicking the event and selecting "Media FX". This affects, as you have discovered, the whole captured element.

    To apply efects to an event only, you click on one of the symbols at the right hand side of the event on the timeline. You'll probably see two little icons there, the top one is the Pan & Crop icon and the lower one is the FX icon.

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    great, that did it

    thanks alot!

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