Hi guys,

I'm looking for some hardware buying advice.

I do a lot of live VJ work, and I would like to be able to get an external usb/firewire device which converts s-video into something that I can use in real-time on my laptop.

Here's the thing - I need something that can act as if I've plugged a firewire camera or webcam in, so that it will be usable with the various software tools I'm using to process the feeds in realtime (flash, processing, vvvv etc). So ideally, I'd like an svideo breakout box with either a usb2 or 4 pin firewire output that I can plug into my laptop and have it recognised as a camera or webcam. This way I can take analogue camera signals and do digital effects on them in realtime. I can currently do this with usb webcams, but the quality is fairly poor, not to mention the framerate being slow.

As it's for Vjing, and will always be done on a laptop, I can't use any internal PC cards.

I know it's a fairly complicated request, but does anyone know of such a device?

Any hints/pointers much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,