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    What is the difference between the gl's, xl's and the vx2100?

    What are the xl's most ideal for what type of filming?

    Which camera is better the gl2 or vx-2100?

    Also what is a good boom and soundboard to use?
    I have a picture of a boom and soundboard can someone tell me who makes it?
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    judging by your name, im guessing youre doing skate cinematography.

    the VXs are the way to go, if youre experienced. if youre just starting out with this stuff, go with a GL, get expirienced, sell it, then buy a VX.

    its as simple as that. im converting to the VX2000 labor day weekend

    and the VX2000 and VX2100 arent that much different except for a little but better low light capabilities and buttons on top. thats about it.
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