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Thread: Frankfurt Auto Show 2007

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    Default Frankfurt Auto Show 2007

    Done with the XHA1 Canon during the 2nd Press Day. I was there for another job so this was a personal rush through , I've only covered 4 halls in the 5 hour. Hope you gals & guys enjoy the cars .

    The only thing bad I notice about the camera is that it goes crazy when you shoot red. The Viper and the Ferrari shots have alot of colour spilling. I guess most 1/3 CCD chip camera are like that. I should have paid more attention when shooting red. I know my DVX and my PDX10 does that too but this is major.

    This is a rush throught edit, done in 1 day, no time to colour correct and add effects . It's a bit off style, with many zooms that the normal crowd will complain. I'll do a shorter version later when I'm finish with my house renovations.

    You can view it in two different formats : Flash or Quicktime

    Frankfurt Auto Show 2007
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    Had time to do a shorter version, here it is:

    For Quicktime ( better compression):

    For Flash ( poor compression):

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