This one has got me beat but Its bound to be something ridiculously simple.

PC Specs;

Motherboar Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe. Matrox 650. 1 Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 750.
OS, Win XP sp2. CPU amd athlon 2400+. Ram 512. Two hardrives. Seagate 20 gig C drive. Baracuda 40 gig. Pinnacle DV500 (PCI slot) The driver for this has been removed.


I do a bit of Video from time to time and work using Premierre 6. Its been a bit sticky in the past but never really had a problem.
However I do now. When ever I click on the Premierre 6 icon on the desk top the screen blacks out and then comes back up a moment later in either safe mode or AVG mode. I don't have this problem with any other graphic applications.

ANyway to continue, I've downloaded fresh drivers for both Mobo, monitor and Matrox card, played around with the resolution, refresh and hardware aceeleration and still no luck.

However, last night I pressed the magic F8 button (advanced for me) placed the system in Safe mode, changed the AVG setting and launched Premierr 6. My god success! It ran perfectly. I then changed the resolution to a higher rate and still premiere held out. worked perfectly. (apart from audio but that's another issue).
However when I then closed the apllication, premierre 6 and then lauched it again it reverted back to its old tricks. The screen blacked out and it was back to poor visual graphics again.

Any ideas?????

There definetly seems to be a conflict between Premierre 6 and the G card here. Another editing software I have works fine.

The other thing is I have noticed in device manager that I have several drivers missing. Two multimedia controller drivers and a RAID driver. I have been trying to locate a source to download these but no luck so far. Not sure if it will solve the problem but its worth a try.

What do you think? Shall I throw the whole thing out the window??

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The Wolfbarron