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Thread: Importing Video from my Sharp VL-NZ100

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    Default Importing Video from my Sharp VL-NZ100

    Hey everyone. I got this (semi) old camcorder here and I'm having trouble importing the movie from it. I recorded it on a mini DV tape, and I have a firewire cord hooked to my USB, installed a driver and Sony Vegas/Windows Movie Maker still say device not found. From what I could tell when I went into my f drive (the camera) all I could see was stills from the "card" whatever that is. I think it has something to do with getting it from the tape.

    again my model is:

    sharp VL-NZ100 camcorder

    If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated!

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    think i've found the problem. I need a firewire card to do this right?

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    How did you manage to connect a Firewire cable to a USB port? The large flat connector on the end of a Firewire cable won't go into a USB port. Yes, use Firewire if your camcorder has the appropriate socket. It will give the best picture and sound quality and will make capture and editing much easier. Before you do any capturing do a disk defragment if you haven't done one recently. Switch off any anti virus software, screensavers and scheduled tasks so there are no interuptions when doing your capture, you can enable these items again after capture is done. How much free space have you got on your hard disk at present?

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    Hm. I guess I have a USB cord then. Is this the problem? I think my camera has USB and firewire sockets. And I have about 80gb of space left. I've used sony vegas and windows movie maker to test if it could recognize my camera but no luck :(

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