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    Just filmed the wedding of a good friend's daughter, with a Sony Video Camera that uses Digital Videocassette DVM60, watching the video directly from the camera into a TV/Monitor, the image is perfect, but when I transfer it to my computrer, using Pixela ImageMixer on MPEG 1 Highest Quality, the image is very poor, it looks as if it was a Charlie Chaplin old film. I am professional commercial photographer, and it has been many years that I don't do video, some friends have told me that I need a good vodeo caprture card, others tell me that I need good software, like Adobe Premier, and others tell me that I should buy a USB capturing device, like the ones made by Pinacle or other manufacturers. I need to edit the video taken in the wedding and transfer it to DVD, any suggestions???
    Thanks for any advice.

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    The best way is with FireWire into your PC, try a trial copy of Video Capture Software and Scene Detection - Scenalyzer to try it out.
    Any Video editing software should be fine, make sure you have the settings on the correct ones for your TV system (eg PAL or NTSC) You can download trials again to check what suits you. I recommend Sony Movie studio for beginners Look on the Sony Site

    It also may appear a bit jerky on the PC if it is not fast enough, but after the edit and render and then on to DVD it will probably be OK

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    Agree firewire needed for miniDV tape transfer to PC which I capture as .avi file - one hour equals approx 10gig of hdd space.

    Of course it looks not so good downgraded to mpeg1.

    As already posted most any editing program will support and open your files so you can edit, add transitions or effects and titles and then render to whatever format best suited for your distribution copy scheme - mpeg2 for standard dvd production.

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    More like 13GB's of hard disk storage for 1 hour of video. USB capture devices are a big no no! Stick with Firewire and you won't go wrong.

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