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Thread: Best Infrared Ghost-UFO Hunting Camera I can buy

  1. Exclamation Best Infrared Ghost-UFO Hunting Camera I can buy

    I bought a Sony Handycam CCD TRV108 which seems very good in infrared mode and low light conditions at least compared to my newer Sony DV infrared capabilities... but I would like to know if there are even better cameras out there military type if possible that allow me to see deep in the dark like 100 meters deep and with clarity. Anyone here with knowledge on how to do that? I know besides the invisible infrared illuminations the infrared sensors have to be good so give me a good advice for a camcorder that has all that.

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    Keep an eye out on e bay.

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    As far as military night viewing kit the Gen 3 Night vision light amplifier costing about 5000:00 that will go between the lens and sensor of a canon XL series camera, you are limited to the comercial cameras or modifying a CCD CCTV camera and running it into a seperate recorder but no camera using a silicon based sensor will work without light be itvisible or Near Infrared as the quantum efficency of silicon sensors bottom out at about 1180 nanometers even with the bandpass filter removed from the front of the Sensor
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