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Thread: Vegas MS > Flash...Best Render Route (???)

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    I have movies I create in Sony Vegas Movie Studio (6)...which I need to get to a Flash format (.swf) for web display (primary reason being w/ Flash...I can display a movie in a layer w/o the player/controls.)

    So Flash doesn't seem to want to recognize anything but .mov (I've tried rendering out of Vegas to .avi & .wmv as my 'in-between' render...but Vegas says no to those formats. And .mpeg?...I have no idea if that's an acceptable in between render method or not.)

    So I bounce out of Vegas to .mov. But no matter which option I seems to create this HUGE freakin' movie...over 1GB in size in most instances. Then when I get that oversized file into Flash...because it starts off so large, the renders out of Flash to .swf are all to big, as well.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there some combination of options w/ compression I can choose in Vegas to get a decent quality .mov file (decent enough to be rendered again in Flash & still retain quality)...but be small (or at least smaller)?


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