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    Hi, I was hoping you could help me. Im trying to capture Halo 3 on my Xbox 360 using an Easy cap 2.0 video adapter with audio. I when i plug everything in and set it up, This is what i get :



    NOTE: I can't actually play on PAL, The screen doesnt move.

    My xbox 360 is set to PAL - 60. If anyone can help me get working colour, I would really appreciate it, Thanks

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    Your PAL 360 won't output NTSC so forget that (PAL is a slightly better format in any case). I can't help you as to why the PAL isn't working as I need to know more about how you are set up. For example you are capturing over composite, but is your 360 set up for composite or HD output, or perhaps you have enabled the 60Hz option in the PAL settings on the xbox and the capture device doesn't support it. What other settings are you set from within Win Cap 2.0?

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    Looks like easycrap only works in pal50.... in pal60 its black n white on mine too. I changed my xbox360 to pal50 and theres colour and sound on the dashboard but when i change it to pal60 its Black n white which sucks as the games i have dont work in pal50... stupid ******* 360... never had this problem with any other console

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    have u tried changing the source to ntsc cuz that's how mine is set and it captures color but i guess it depends one what kind of computer u have! I have an xp

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    okay hey man erm im got a capture card in my comuter a fearly new 1 as well but im having truble when i put it on pal 50hz it works like a star but when i put it on pal 60 hz it flickers and that but when i use diffrent capturing softwares the out come is diffrent i dont get this

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