Most annoying. I've been using Nero 6 on my desktop machine for about 3 years. I bought a new laptop, couldn't find the old Nero 6 disk and bought another - also version 6.

To my irritation, the new Nero doesn't have the ability to encode and burn movie file to make a DVD - only a VCD.

I checked on the WWW and realised that there is separate program for doing this - Nero Vision. BUT my desktop had this already built-in with the original install - in the "DVD" section of Nero's menus there it is - "make DVD".

Can anybody explain this? Was there ever a version of Nero that had Nero Vision as a built-in part? I'm not familiar with versions later than V6.

I would like to try to find the same version of Nero that I have on my desktop computer - the version that has the ability to make DVD movies.

And how can I find out what exact version of Nero each installation is? All I can find is "Nero 6".