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    Default High res break up

    I notice this issue I have when I render anything out higher than, or equal to around 1280x720, and it's fullscreen counterpart resolution. The video seems to artifact out into blocks that don't 'update' and stay the same image, kinda like artifacts in a jpeg image. It will break up like this at set points in the video, not at transitions or any other sort of hot spot you'd expect, and playing the video in various players such as the Divx web player, vlc, windows media player, media player classic all break at the same points. I've seen this happen to videos I've viewed in the past from others, but I am not sure what causes it, and how to prevent it.

    I'm rendering out in Xvid, from source files at 1280x720. I've fiddled around a lot with the codec settings for the Xvid codec, but the only thing that seems to produce this breaking effect is higher resolutions, so I'm stuck rendering at almost half of that, 640 320 ish.

    If needed I can try rendering out at this resolution to produce the effect, but I can't predict where it will happen so I'll have to take some time to render out a lengthy video just to find where it happens etc.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if this issue has been solved before (point me to a solution if it's already on the forums) I tried searching for what I think I'd call this but I'm stumped as to how to exactly describe it.

    EDIT: Currently uploading the broken file I recently made, and thankfully(I guess) it has the issues I've described. I'd appreciate it if someone could take a gander and maybe have some insite as to what the issue is, and how to solve it. I can provide more info on exactly what options I've used, not used, for the encoder etc.
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    Here's the video, it breaks up like I said at the start so you won't need to view it all to see my issue. Keep in mind, the same video, nothing changed other than output resolution, when rendered out is perfectly fine. I'm guessing it's some setting in the xvid codec maybe that breaks when rendered in high res, iunno I've tried a few things but to no solution.

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    Default (for wmv but same ideas apply)

    Stop obsessing about res - SD res is fine for something compressed. You need a higherbit rate, that should sort it.

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    Well it's hard to make out the text when it's anything lower :S But yea I usually don't obsess about resolution. 720 ain't that high now by todays standards especially when it's now the standard console resolution, or higher.

    Thanks for responding and for the info.Although I'd like to note that I set the bitrate fairly high,I forget the exact number but there is a slider also and it's at least 90% of the way up, if not more. I'll look into bitrate further though.

    thanks again.

    EDIT: Bitrate is set at around 9000 kbps, max in the codec's settings is 10,000kbps.
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    That is loads of bits - must be the compression algorithm is upset by the very bright fast changing video.

    Try .wmv maybe.

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    I can try other codecs yes, but the main reason I use vxid is because I enjoy using Stage6 for my videos, and currently it only lets xvid/divx videos. Upping my bitrate to, and above 18000 doesn't change the motion blocks. My search around the net, while very hard to find exactly what I want, found a loot of people asking if 18000 is even enough for 720 hd. I think, however, my issue is with something different, other than bitrate all together.

    I've also noticed what LOOKS like interlacing problems, even at half the res of 1280x720. I've gone through a myriad of settings with absolutely no solution. I'll link a very short bit showing this seemingly interlacing of some sort. I say interlace because it seems as if it's interlacing, and the second field is slower, yet I've tried with and without interlacing and the same results are produced.

    I appreciate your continued attention to my problem. I'd really like a solution that involves the xvid codec, but if none can be found, any solution would be grand.

    EDIT: Doing a quick render with wmv with just the advanced profile and the correct resolution I wanted, it rendered out not only mind blowingly fast but perfect. I would still appreciate it if you had time on your hands to help me get my xvid issues resolved though
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