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    Default Gush!

    This isn't about a video. I just wanna gush about videos (mine and others) and the whole process!

    THIS IS THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD IN YEARS! I simply love the processs! I like the way the editor looks, with tracks layered over tracks. I like the things you can do and theyhr'e all timed, and just about any editor will rock your world if you're new to this. I like the results! I've seen all kinds of VERY creative stuff from many people all over the world! I've seen dark and somber, and silly and fun! VIDEO MAKING IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO WITH A COMPUTER! Hands down. Video making wins!

    You don't need a lotta special effects and things for a good video. But you can make a good video that's based around special effects! You don't have to make a serious video, but you can make strong political statements with them, and reach many more people than you can with plain old text. You videos can be anything from avante garde to vintage 40's Hollywood Golden era. There's just a world of opportunity! ANd it's fun making 'em! Then, lastly and probably mostly, there's the sense of accomplishment. This is a big reward! Lets face it -- a business computer turns electricity into waste paper. A gaming computer is just a pastime with no product in the end. But making videos is really a rewarding experience!

    Oh well. I hadda get that off my chest. I simply am loving (most) every minute of it. I hope you are too!

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    I feel the same way

    Edit: I moved this to the Off-Topic forum because no video was posted. Only posts with videos should be there, thanks.

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    Well said, I agree.

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    Default Rant!

    For all the gushing, sometimes this ain't fun!

    I've spent nearly the whole day on technical issues, and it's all a matter of discovery. Nobody has a synopsiz of all the information anywhere on the net! I hadda learn this the hard way.

    It all started when I got fed up with the quality I was geting from YouTube. I worked hard at getting decent quality, and never got there. So I gave up. I went looking for other places to host my videos. I found some.

    A couple of these video hosting sites do the same thing that YouTube does. They re-incode it for you and DO IT ALL IN TRANSPARNCEY! You have no control on the output params of your video. Avoid these sites.

    Then I found sites that let me upload my own videos with no re-rendering required. Great! I have control over the audio bit rate. I have control over the compression codec. Now, what do I do? Learning what all these mean is quite a task. I stil have not learned 'em all, but I can proceed. Erm.. now just wait a minute. You gotta make your file stream! So now you gotta learn how this works.

    I have no money. I got and am using Windows Media Encoder. Its buggy. It crashes. But I can get it done. So, you go to make a stream and it compresses the hell outta it!

    I am targeting this: 400x300 stream, 29.97 fps, Best quality, and ABSOLUTELY 128 kbps audio. I just gotta have that. Now, you gotta render your stream in multiple BPS. You render it in muliple BPS to accomodate slower connections. I'm unsure what happens to your sound quality at these lower connections, but I've decided that I just don't care.

    Okay, so now I know what I'm doing. Erm... well... there's more. I can capture my video at 50fps with fraps. YOU SHOULD SEE THE RESULT! Oh man, it's rocking! But, you can't render in Vegas at this rate. No way. No how. SO, back to square one. But that learning experience cost me a couple hours at least!

    Ok.. now I'm ready.. I wanna recapture a couple sequences. They can be better. I can do it, I think to myself. So I go to reset the capture rate in fraps and Hey! What's this setting do? And.. Hey, the help says don't do it (in effect), but there's a blurb about file size, and a remedy for these huge uncompressed files. So I download an app, and compress 'em, and they turn to sh*t. So, I reason Okay... only one thing to do. Go to 4 GB on my rig. Newegg has my ram at $60. Ok. do it. These raw avis run over a gig!

    But wait. Hmmm... didn't I see a rendering codec for Quicktime in Vegas 8? Sure did! So, okay. Lets try this. AND WOW! You can set the streaming bit right from Vegas! Grrooovy. Erm. wel... the filesize is freakin' huge in comparison, and the renderiing looks different, but after careful (AND I MEAN TIME CONSUMING) observation, the Mov file don't look any better than the WMV stream.

    So, today I've spent nearly 8 hours

    1. Hunting down video hosts
    2. Writing to them asking specific questions.
    3. Contacting another for a least a LITTLE help, and they did.
    4. Testing making a stream, then looking for the resulting audio rate. I got it! Yeah!
    5. Trying the QuickTime movie approach. Its pretty good, but still not what i need, but shows enough promise that i'll experiment more with this.
    15 hours of checking technical sh*t! THAT AiNT NO FUN! And furthermore, $60 for more ram doesn't help at all, either!!!

    PLEASE! Somebody throw me a crying towel!

    Will somebody please write a book about this technical stuff! Fer Pete's sake! THere's a 1001 codecs, 600 audio specs, dimensioning issues, frame input output rates, audio linking, and 200,000 ways to get it wrong!

    p.s. I also suffer from another malady. Ya see, these roller coasters of mine, go really fast. You can't render those frames and avoid blurring at high speed (at least with the output codecs I have). But thankfully, NOW, that is my only problem, and I resign to make the compromise. You're just gonna hafta look at blurry track race by, even though the 50 fps AVI is just plain stunning!

    yeah... this is fun.... somebody get me a stick!
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