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Thread: Weird: movie editing for movies shot with a digital camera

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    Default Weird: movie editing for movies shot with a digital camera

    Hi all. First time here. Here's my situation: I recently purchased a Canon S5 digital camera that also records video in stereo. I also own Adobe Premiere Pro (version 7) from a few years ago and was wondering why I'm not able to import Canon's movie format into Premiere for editing. Anyone know how I can fix this or perhaps which software I should try (a demo) so I can start dong simple editing? Any help greatly appreciated. And thanks for helping a noob.

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    I'm assuming you are using a PC not a MAC; I own the same camera and it makes .avi files. I have used them in Sony Vegas and WMM. Check that you have the right Codecs. also try this free software Virtualdub

    sony vegas has a free trial and is much easier to use than adobe in my opinion. I would just do this if you want simple editing.

    Some people I know had the same problem and it has been different reasons that it happened; AC3's and codecs would be my first guess.

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    When you say it records video in stereo do you mean in 3D?

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    Stereo TV at last,

    I sure he means Stereo Audio.....

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