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Thread: What camcorder should I get?

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    Default What camcorder should I get?

    I don't know much about camcorders, but know a bit about photography and cameras..

    Im looking for a camcorder, and have some questions and would like to try and be able, with your help, to identify which camcorder I should go out and buy.
    All help is very much appreciated, and thank you in advance.

    My specification:
    I want a camcorder that is a good quality compact thing with features including USB, firewire, external microphone socket, possibly bluetooth microphone compatibility, not big and chunky, night mode is useful...

    What do i want it for?

    I want this camera as a 'first but not crap' camera. I am interested in film making and editing but my budget is under $800, well as much below 400 as possible. I only mentioned that I am interested in editing because this camera would be for me to kinda 'learn how to use a camera' but have much fun with it. I wouldn't expect it to last and be my main source of 'entertainment' for more than 2 years if that.

    Now for the questions and other info:

    I do not want a DVD camcorder. I was leant 1 for a period of time and did not find it the easiest thing to use. To add to this, I hear DVD camcorders are not great format for editing, miniDV is the simplest for editing and messing around with? So miniDV sounds good, well harddrive sounds better but they seem chunkier and more expensive - and i also read that miniDV is going out, besides being convinced that it seemed the most appropriate?
    HD camcorders - when I looked at them, my first thought was big and chunky. These are much more expensive yes? I assume I do not want one of these? and what is the whole difference, and big deal over them? are they so great, possibly something I would want to look into in the future?

    I'll also mention - as I said, I do not know anything in this area so:
    How is the quality of video cameras actually measured?!? do i even want to know?
    note: I was with some family, and someone had the Sony DCR-HC44 which I believe is old now and not on the current selection on the sony site. I could actually get this camera on amazon for around for $350 now.
    But if someone could reccomend me a camera similiar to this model, more recent maybe? as this camera had all the features I mentioned above, and was a great size.

    Thanks to all in advance, I really hope your help will be able to help me decide this!!
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