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Thread: complete novice - could use some advice???

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    Default complete novice - could use some advice???

    I hope I'm in the right after a bit of advice. My 11yr old son wants to be the next Steven Speilberg (seriously!!) He's been adamant for a few years now he wants to make movies, and has recently seen that 'creation station' thing thats been advertised for 100 on TV. I'm predicting the quality of this thing to be poor and would rather pay the extra to get him something decent. So, i was thinking of a digital camcorder, and the necessary software. He already has a pc with windows xp. Thing is, I dont really have a clue what the necessary software is...thats where you guys come in (hopefully???)
    I would like some advice on what I need to buy to give him a basic set up where he can start to put a few bits and pieces together. I'm not in a position to spend megabucks but would hope that i can get him something reasonable to start off with?
    Advice on where to begin would be great!
    Thank You

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    If you check out Jessops or even Argos or I might even suggest ebay (although the first two will give you a 12 month guarantee with your equipment if anything goes wrong) you will find some good starter camcorders between 150 and 200 stg. If he wants to get into editing and has already got a computer I would suggest a Mini DV camcorder for the best picture quality and ease of use when it comes to editing.

    If on the other hand you want a simple point and shoot camcorder then you might look at a hard disc camcorder or Mini DVD although personally I would stay away from them. Your son should have Windows Movie Maker 2 on his computer and it is free, you can also download 30 day trial versions of nearly all editing software that is used by members of this forum from their respective websites and see which one you/he likes best.

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