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Thread: I think its a called a filter!??

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    Default I think its a called a filter!??

    Hello Forum....I would like to put some text over an mpeg, its just a static title that would display for the duration of the movie?

    im sure it's simple with the right software.

    Many thanks

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    Well, the best answer here will depend on exactly what video editing s/w you have or intend to purchase. But basically...

    yes, this is very easy to do with the right s/w.

    create your title either in a titlng program (I use the one integrated into Premiere Pro) or your drawinf package of choice (Photoshop?) and ensure you create the 'image' with a transparent background.

    In you editing s/w simply place your video on track 1 and your graphics (with the transparent background) on layer 2.

    Hit the go/play/render button


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    thanks for the input....transparency, of course if required.
    dont want to use adobe prem, i aint got time to get to grips with that..need a quick n easy solution. maybe ulead have something?

    many Thanks.

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    ULead Video Studio will certainly achieve your effect without any difficulty. You can download the trail version from
    COMPAQ something or other with 500Gb Boot Disk, 1Tb external Firewire Disk, 4Gb Memory and a super duper sound card, 19" TFT Monitor etc etc etc
    Sony TRV33e : Sony TRV310e : Canon XM2
    Sony Vegas Studio editions to v11

    Remember, there is always more to learn than there is to teach.

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